Virtual Product Examples

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See example electronics, high tech, pets, ceramics, weapons, architecture, housewares, and more. Seven Thunder Software creates interactive Web models and 3D rendering software, not the products.

3D for the Web

Seven Thunder Software designs three dimensional models from photographs, sketches, ideas, and blue prints, along with 3D rendering software for the Web.

3D Compass

Slide to rotate the 3D compass! The compass shines with interactive highlights. The compass originated with a third party model, however it needed a number of modifications to render online. Holes and inconsistencies were fixed, then the compass was mapped and rendered to texture. The compass example downloads quickly with just one lightweight map.

3D Android

Seven Thunder Software modeled and rendered the 3D Android Tablet and the colorful text on the tablet's screen with 3ds Max. The Android model was prepared from an actual tablet.

3D Church Scene

The church scene originated with a third party model. Seven Thunder Software modified textures, saved to cube maps, combined the maps into one texture, and mapped the texture to the inside of a cube for interactive online rendering.

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