Virtual Product Examples

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See example electronics, high tech, pets, ceramics, weapons, architecture, housewares, and more. Seven Thunder Software creates interactive Web models and 3D rendering software, not the products.

3D for the Web

Seven Thunder Software designs three dimensional models from photographs, sketches, ideas, and blue prints, along with 3D rendering software for the Web.

Lamp Lights Up

The light was rendered to texture with 3ds Max. This example uses an interactive light map to turn the lamp on and off. The combination of render to texture and light maps allows for lightweight, fast loading, online products and visual effects.


The 3D highlighted Skylab was originally modeled by NASA. Seven Thunder Software simplified the model, rendered to texture, then prepared a shader for interactive highlights with WebGL.


The 3D Flashlight was mapped, and rendered with 3ds Max. Mapping included chrome and silver reflections were were baked and now load quickly as one texture.

Star of David

The Star of David uses WebGL blend functions to create beautiful, unique, light and color effects. Additionally the drop down menu allows users to modify blend functions, then see the results.

Plastic Ball

The Specular Light on a Ball loads a simple, multi-colored texture map. However WebGL shaders calculate and display lighting as you rotate the ball. Slide left or right to rotate the ball and up or down to move the ball.

Frosted Glass Vase

The 3D Frosted Glass Vase renders a pretty vase with thin glass. Slide to see the inside of the vase. It seems as if light shines through the vase.

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