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Tap the 3D DAE Translator icon to download the Windows Setup file. Thank you for downloading 3D DAE Translator, created for Windows Vista through Windows 10 with Visual Studio Community Edition 2015.

Known Bugs

One error currently requires a quick fix in the translator's JavaScript output. The vertex-texel array displays a closing brace on the first line as follows:
this.aVertices = new Float32Array([]
Please remove the closing brace. Replace the first line with:
this.aVertices = new Float32Array([
3D DAE Translator also places the closing brace at the end of the vertex-texel array, where it belongs.

Seven Thunder Software has not signed the setup file. Therefore anti-virus software might issue warnings. Hopefully e-book bonus projects inspire trust in Seven Thunder Software. Either select the option to run the setup file after it downloads or tap the downloaded MSI file to begin installation.

3D DAE Translator works well with the WebGL E-Book Series.

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