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WebGL Interactive Rotation

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Slide to Rotate the Square Interactively

Slide over the canvas, left, right, up, or down, to interactively move the square. Left and right motion rotate the square around the Y axis. Up and down motion rotate the square around the X axis. X rotation is constrained to keep the square within the viewport.

WebGL Beginner's Guide

The e-book WebGL Beginner's Guide provides a quick introduction to WebGL. Learn WebGL the easy way, with three simple projects, explanation, and code. WebGL Beginner' Guide covers the following features.

  1. Overall conceptual view of WebGL.
  2. Combine vertices to display a WebGL square.
  3. Load and texture map a square.
  4. Basic shader instructions, line by line.
  5. Interactively rotate and move a simple WebGL square.
  6. Repeat textures on a model without repeating vertices.
  7. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers on iPhone, Androids, Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers.

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