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Mars Spherical Environment Map

Swipe to View Martian Landscape

Swipe to view a spherical environment map of Mars. The indices, vertices and texels were translated from a Collada DAE File.

The sphere is mapped with a texture representing a panoramic view of Mars. NASA photographed Mars. Seven Thunder Software modified the graphic for the panorama with Photoshop.

3D DAE Translator

The model displayed on this Web page was prepared with a JavaScript file converter. The Windows 3D DAE Translator converts more complicated mesh elements.

See 3D DAE Translator for Windows. The first few versions are free. 3D DAE Translator provides the link between 3D graphics created by artists and developer implemented 3D software applications.

The translator frees developers from use of online libraries such as Three.js or Babylon.js. Display mesh elements with your own optimized JavaScript or OpenGL ES applications. Input a Collada DAE file for the translator. 3D DAE Translator prepares a list of arrays for use with WebGL including vertices, normals, and texels. The translator allows developers to use 3D models in Web games, products, scientific visualization, and other online presentations. 3D DAE Translator works with Seven Thunder Software's WebGL e-book series.

Mapped Texture

Mars Panorama

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