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Texture Atlas Animation: Explosion

Example for the E-Book WebGL Textures

Enjoy this WebGL exploding coffee pot prepared with a texture atlas. Tap the Play button to see the explosion. Tap the canvas to switch images. Dynamically change WebGL textures with efficient use of one vertex buffer object and one texture.

Tap the canvas to see one frame at a time. Tap the Play button to see the explosion animation.

Your browser doesn't support canvas.

WebGL Textures: Introduction to Mipmaps, Sub Images & Atlases

Book Two in the Series Online 3D Media with WebGL

WebGL Textures: Introduction to Mipmaps, Sub Images & Atlases explains the purpose and and use of mipmaps, how to apply sub images, texture atlas basics, and how to display an animated image from a texture atlas. This book includes instruction, diagrams, fully commented source code, and online examples for each project.

  1. Useful techniques for education, games, scientific visualization, and architectural rendering.
  2. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers including Windows PCs, iPhone 6 and above, and current Androids. Most examples also work with Windows Phone operating system 8.1.

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