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Interactive Online 3D Background Scenes

Texture Atlas for Two Meshes

Efficiently display unique meshes and textures. Interleave vertices and texels within one vertex buffer object. Call the WebGL API method drawElements() with different parameters.

Tap the Play button to play the animation. The left mesh rotates around the Y axis. The right mesh rotates around the X axis.

Your browser doesn't support canvas.

WebGL Textures: Mipmaps, Sub Images & Atlases

See WebGL Texture examples covering the following topics.

  1. Mipmaps
  2. Sub Images from Texture Data
  3. Sub Images from Array Data
  4. Texture Atlases

Enjoy free WebGL tutorials. WebGL provides useful techniques for education, games, scientific visualization, and architectural rendering.

Online examples work with WebGL enabled Web browsers including Windows PCs, iPhone 6 and above, and current Androids. Most examples also work with Windows Phone operating system 8.1.

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WebGL Tutorials

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