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Storforsen Rapids

Skybox Graphics Formatted from Online Sources

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The graphics for this view of the Storforsen rapids were prepared by Emil Persson, aka Humus. The photographer's Web site is www.humus.name. The graphics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The Storforsen is part of the Pite River in Sweden.

Seven Thunder Software modified the graphics for use as one texture applied to a cube mesh. Images were reduced in size, placed together in the standard cross format, and offset.

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See example WebGL 3D background scenes and a set of WebGL Scenes with responsive Web design. Enjoy free WebGL tutorials.

Example WebGL environments demonstrate how to display a 3D background with basic shaders, cube environment, and one texture graphic. This method avoids use of skyboxes, multiple image files, and separate shaders. Skybox shaders require the samplerCube type with the textureCube() function. The e-book's technique uses common sampler2D and texture2D() features.

Use of sampler2D instead of samplerCube allows many WebGL projects to render with just one program. Program switching involves more code as well as rendering time.

Examples tested well with iPhone 6, Android phone and tablet, Windows PCs with WebGL enabled browsers, and Windows Phone 8.1.

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