WebGL Textures and Vertices eBook Screen Shots

WebGL Tiled Texture

Butterfly Fish Texture Mapped Four Times

Tiled graphic of a Butterfly Fish

Example for the E-Book WebGL Textures & Vertices

Tap the Rotate button to play the animation. The plane rotates around the Y axis. Tap the fish to rotate one frame at a time.

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WebGL Textures & Vertices: Beginner's Guide

Book One in the Series Online 3D Media with WebGL

WebGL Textures & Vertices: Beginner's Guide includes fundamental concepts required to display textures with WebGL. WebGL Textures & Vertices was prepared for Web designers and developers familiar with JavaScript. The e-book explains how to map a graphic full size, crop, or tile the graphic. WebGL Textures & Vertices briefly introduces animation, perspective projection, and rotation matrices. WebGL Textures & Vertices discusses vertex winding order, texels, vertex buffer objects, and element arrays. Enjoy book one in the series Online 3D Media with WebGL.

  1. Useful techniques for education, games, scientific visualization, and architectural rendering.
  2. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers including Windows PCs, iPhone 6, and current Androids. Most examples also work with Windows Phone operating system 8.1.

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