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WebGL Skybox: Art Studio

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This three dimensional environment was prepared for the e-book WebGL Skybox: Beginner's Guide. The book explains how to display architecture online in three dimensions.

Seven Thunder Software modeled and rendered the art studio with 3DS Max. A studio apartment and easle were measured. Then models were prepared from the measurements.

Skyboxes represent three dimensional environments useful for 3D games, virtual worlds, and scientific visualization. A skybox is simply a cube wrapped with a picture of a landscape, cityscape, or some other scene. View from inside the box, to experience each unique setting.

WebGL Skybox: Beginner's Guide provides an easy introduction to WebGL. The book's designed for readers familiar with HTML and JavaScript yet new to WebGL. WebGL Skybox takes the reader step by step through the process of developing a skybox. Topics include vertex buffer objects, vertex shaders, fragment shaders, uniforms, attributes, cube maps, basic texture mapping, and matrix rotations.

For examples see the WebGL Skybox: Church, WebGL Skybox Lighthouse, from a panoramic photograph, and the simple WebGL Skybox: Sky Cube.

The example projects tested well with iPhone 6, Windows Phone 8.1, Androids, and Windows PCs.

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WebGL Skybox Screen Shot
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