Animated Effects

HTML5 Animation with Effects

Free Online Demos from the E-Book

This book is currently under revision. However enjoy free projects prepared for the book, below.

Learn how to create amazing animated visual effects with the e-book HTML5 Animation with Effects.

HTML5 Animation with Effects explains how to create eight unique VFX for Web pages and online games. Artists and developers can benefit from this short book. HTML5 Animation with Effects demonstrates how to create animation with global composite operations, global alpha, and radial gradients. The book includes digital color concepts, how to add a background graphic, implement audio play back, and simple timing for animation.

Topics Include

  • Twelve Global Composite Operations
  • Radial Gradients and Color Stops
  • Global Alpha
  • How to Draw a Full Circle Arc
  • How to Add a Background Graphic
  • Basic Timed Animation
  • HTML5 Color Formats
  • Play an Audio File with Animation
  • Combine Features for Stunning Animation

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